2016 Finds at the Montreal Health Food Show!

This year the Montreal Health food show certainly didn’t disappoint. The Expo Manger Sante was again hosted at the Palais Des Congres. http://expomangersante.com/en/

Each year I write about the show and share any fun new finds there. For those that are not familiar with this trade show, it’s a gathering of producers of organic or healthier foods including farmers, cleaning products, cosmetics/hygiene products as well as alternative therapies and practitioners…basically right up my alley! You can buy products there at discounted prices, and some producers will also give you coupons.

Feel free to read about my finds from the past years in my past blogs.

2016 mager sante

So this year, here is the fun stuff I got:

  • Gardening consultation from Urban seedling: My husband is our gardener and maintains a beautiful vegetable garden in the summer, though he thought he might have use of this consultation.
  • Healthy places APP: this is an app for your phone that helps you find healthy places in your area like restaurants, grocery stores, fair-trade coffee shops, gluten-free bakeries, etc. So cool. The app is free, and is called RealFood. Great for travelling.
  • Hair color from Coloration 3 chenes: my mom is looking for a healthier option to color her hair; this one is free from ammonia, silicone, paraben and resorcine.
  • Postural clinic: I have some coccyx/tailbone pain and I’m looking for some new therapies for this. I found a few chiropractors in my area but this clinic looked particularly interesting. It offers posturology and other services, meaning the idea is to not just work the tailbone area, but to heal it through the correcting of my posture. Sign me up!
  • DNA based nutrition: wow a clinic in Montreal offering DNA testing and nutrition advice based on the results.
  • Holistic dentists: Basically dentists using better techniques, less chemicals, and a proper technique to remove your mercury amalgams.
  • Pasta Oggi: I needed a frozen snack for when I don’t have time to cook, I got this delicious pasta which is gluten free. I do need to make a sauce for it, but my plan is to use my garden cherry tomatoes to make a tomato basil sauce then freeze that and use when I want with the pasta!
  • Cacao powder and nibs: I go through cacao and cacao nibs super-fast as I am so into making smoothies. I also make this delicious hot chocolate with cacao, turmeric, maca, cayenne and maple syrup. Plus, I make a chia nut milk breakfast pudding with cacao powder, nibs, banana and hazelnut butter…mmm mouth-watering! Note that COCOA is not the same as CACAO (the latter being the healthier one).
  • Organic Mulberries: a delicious ingredient in my smoothies
  • Sea vegetable salt and pepper: got these salt and pepper mixes which include sea vegetables like dulse from New Brunswick area (so avoiding the Fukushima blast). A great way to intake some much needed iodine without really tasting the seaweed.
  • Organic golden berries: for my husband, who snacks on these whenever he can get his hands on them.
  • Natural tea from Les Jardins de la Mer: of course there are so many choices for tea, I love this one as it is real organic dried herbs with sea vegetables and it smells like a pine tree!
  • Organic wine and apple cider: it was actually delicious, we bought a bottle. This is so important because grapes and apples are both heavily sprayed with pesticides…even Europe doesn’t want to import America’s apples anymore!

I look forward to next year’s!

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Ilona’s Chili

My father’s chili is too sweet, my husbands is too beany and the spices overpower it…so I decided to create my own mix from these two recipes.

Ilona’s Chili



  • 1000g ground beef (or mix of beef/veal)
  • 8 big celery sticks, chopped
  • 8 carrots, diced
  • 6 shallots, chopped (or replace with 2 onions)
  • 4 peppers, diced
  • 1 can or 1 med mason jar if you make your own, of red kidney beans
  • 1 jar of tomato sauce
  • Spices: salt, pepper, 1 tbsp turmeric, Cajun spice (or instead replace with 1 tbsp thyme, 2 tbsp garlic, 1 tbsp onion powders and celery spice (could be salt or pepper), bit of onion chips, 2 tbsp paprika, add a few hot red peppers or chili or cayenne spice.


  • Heat coconut oil (or grape seed, or avocado, or butter) in a big pot
  • Add the onion or shallots cook until translucent
  • add the ground meat and brown it a bit
  • add all spices – cook 1 minute
  • add tomato sauce
  • put on low-medium heat and cover pot, cook 45 minutes
  • add vegetables (not beans), cover again, cook for 20 minutes
  • add beans and turn off the burner
  • season more if you like


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Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Tomato Sauce Free PIZZA


Hi all,

so i’ve decided to do a detox, and then continue on with an elimination diet.  I eliminated all gluten, dairy, additives, coffee, alcohol, soy, peanuts, corn, processed foods and also nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers).

Needless to say when i was craving pizza, i had a challenge on my hands. I invented this recipe which turned out to be FANTASTIC and thought to share with you all.




  • For the base, i just purchased this gluten free non GMO pizza base, which was made out of rice but you can buy any pizza base you want, or make your own.
  • home-made basil pesto (recipe bellow,  ingredients are: basil, garlic, pine nuts, salt/pepper, avocado or coconut oil)
  • kale or spinach
  • zucchini or broccoli
  • red onion
  • asparagus tips
  • (optional can also add olives)
  • roasted pine nuts (you need some outside of the pesto too)
  • jalapeno (don’t use if you’re removing nightshade veggies from your diet)
  • spices: i love basil, oregano, marjoram

Basil Pesto: mix in a blender 1 cup of basil leaves, 1-2 garlic cloves, 1/3 cup pine nuts and 1/4 cup either avocado oil, or coconut oil, or grape seed oil, salt and pepper – the reason we are not using olive oil is because we will be heating this pesto and olive oil breaks down in high heat and becomes carcinogenic.


  • you’ll need to pre-cook these, best method is to steam them – only so they become a little cooked, they should still be hard once you’re done: kale, zucchini or broccoli, asparagus tips)
  • smear a thin layer of basil pesto on the pizza base – THIN layer is important as otherwise it will be soggy from the oil.
  • add ingredients on top: chopped red onion, chopped jalapenos, if using spinach, put it under the pre-cooked veggies, and spices.
  • cook in the oven for between 8 – 15 minutes on 400F, depending on your type of oven.
  • take out and sprinkle with pine nuts and enjoy!
  • if you like, you can add a bit more of the pesto if the pizza is not too oily, drip some on top.
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Upcoming Health Food Show in Montreal and Quebec City

Hi Everyone,

my ultimate favorite trade show is coming up in March: Expo Manger Sante et Vivre Vert.  I go to this show every year, it is fantastic, you can find new health items, get coupons, do tastings, get samples, buy the actual products at a largely discounted price, etc.  This is for food items, cosmetics and cleaning products. Much of the food you can find there is organic! Every year I find something new and awesome.

I invite you to read my previous blogs where I discuss some of my favorite items found at the show in the past years.

Show details:


Taking place in Montreal from March 11-13 at the Palais des Congres.

Taking place in Quebec city in March 19-20 at the Centre des Congres.

Regular price is 13$.

Bring your shopping bags and cash!

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Transitioning to Healthy Meat

Many of you have started to eat healthier or want to but don’t know how to take the next step with meat.

I strongly believe that what you eat is what you are…and now the science of epigenetics is actually proving this; what you eat can affect your genes by turning them on/off.

There are many things in your environment that you may not be able to control; inhaling lead in traffic, being bombarded by radiation at your work place, eating nanoparticles in some of your food, but there is much that you CAN control, like most of what you eat.

One aspect of your health that can malfunction with improper nutrition is your immune system. Think of it like a house of cards, each health factor is a card like GMOs, trans fats, vaccines, air pollutants, radiation, etc. If you pull one or two cards the house may not fall down, but eventually as you continue pulling cards, it will crumble. This is what can happen to your immune system and then you start seeing chronic reactions.

Going organic is important as you will largely reduce many bad things in your food like pesticides and GMOs and increase the nutrition level of the foods.

Meat is a difficult one however as it can be quite expensive to get organic. Let’s review some of the important factors in going organic in terms of meat:

  • Reduce your intake of GMOs and pesticides (the conventional cow or chicken is not GMO but the grain and corn fed to them is and it is also sprayed with pesticides)
  • Eliminate growth hormones given to livestock (this can affect YOUR hormonal health)
  • Largely reduce your exposure to antibiotics
  • Improve your Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio (because the organic cow will eat grass like it’s supposed to)
  • Improve on other nutrients (as grass is the ideal meal for the cow or chicken)
  • Get fresher meat (if you also buy local)
  • Also improve on nutrients because the cow is not raised in in-humane conditions which make it sick all the time
  • Further improve on nutrients because the cow is not killed in-humanely, which leaves the meat tender without stress hormones
  • Contribute to the global warming cause in a positive way (a cow that eats grain releases way more methane gas into the atmosphere because this is not what it’s supposed to eat, so it’s ‘gassy’ and the methane gas largely contributes to global warming)
  • Be more at peace with yourself that you are eating livestock that is raised in HUMANE conditions (have you seen one of those videos on how they treat livestock animals??!!)

That said, you can find organic meat that is not going to break the bank, some options:

  • Reduce your intake of meat is an option as eating so much meat may not be great for you, some people also prefer to go vegetarian.
  • Check out your local Costo, in Montreal, you can now purchase organic whole chicken and organic ground beef for decent prices. They also have organic salmon but in this case it is a bit expensive and I believe that wild salmon is healthier at this point in time.
  • If you have a big freezer, you can find a local organic farm (you can find a farm that raises their cattle in an organic fashion and that may not be certified organic, this is a good option if you can’t afford certified organic) and you can purchase a quarter, half or a whole cow from them. This is what I do. The butcher will prepare all the cuts that you need and vacuum seal them in individual packages and you can store them in your freezer. Best meat I ever tasted. I found one farmer in Hawkesbury Ontario where the price of all the cuts are the price that you would get if you bought regular ground meat in a supermarket…so even my filet mignon is the price of ground beef! However this was a lucky find, normally it’s a little more than that but still a great comparable price. I think this is the cheapest way to buy organic meat. Now I’m also looking into wild meat options.
  • Eat vegetarian when you eat out or when you travel.

My bull came in a few weeks ago, here is the first dish I made with it, my yummy Czech recipe for Dill sauce and potatoes.


Good luck to everyone and if you find any other good options don’t be shy to comment.

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Mr and Mrs Massey have also noticed the changes in the manufacture of toys over the decades.

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We just love it, it gives you a purpose to go places to try to find that exclusive toy that you haven’t got. Jenny Massey

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COLLECTION: Don Massey looks at his newest acquisition, in a room full of collected vintage toys from over the decades. Pictures: Piia Wirsu

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