2014 Montreal Organic Health Show: March 21-23












The ‘Expo Manger Sante’ is a health food (much of it organic) and beauty products tradeshow. This year, it is held at the Palais des Congres again in downtown Montreal for the whole weekend.

Check it out here: www.expomangersante.com

I love this show because I can browse different product and new products, try out samples and get some coupons.  Also, the items are usually much cheaper than sold in the store.

Last year someone posted a comment that I should let people know ahead (how did I not think of that J) so here is that post.

Just to let you know what I found and liked at the show last year:

–          Toasted sesame seed oil: so tasty , I use it to make a vinaigrette recipe similar to what they serve at the Japanese Steakhouse!

–          Chia seeds: I use these or ground flax seeds every day in my juices, as well as sprinkled over my leafy salads. They are high in omega 3 EPA.

–          Hemp seed: I use them the same way as chia seeds, hemp is high in iron.

–          Quinoa and other pasta: I love this company so much I have to share the brand with you, it’s Primeal and they sell various quinoa and other grain mixes as well as pasta made out of quinoa. The pasta comes in all shapes and flavored with different savors like tomato, eggplant, spirulina, curry, turmeric and garlic and parsley. My husband and I make a mean Pasta Aioli with baked salmon (we use the curry spaghetti and make it with garlic, olive oil and rapini).

–          Coconut oil: so healthy, I use it whenever I need oil that I will heat up, and now I also lather it on myself in the winter!

–          Multivitamins: currently I buy the Mega Food brand and am still searching for the brand that will best suit me.

–          Duck terrine: the tasting was delicious so why not! They also make chicken pot pie which was equally delicious.

–          Cleaning products: Here again I have a favorite brand for some cleaning products, Bio-vert. I love their dishwashing hand soap and their all-purpose spray. They expanded their product line to include more items like toilet and floor cleaners.

–          Plant seedlings: I grow vegetables in my yard in the summer.

I will be at the show on Saturday, I hope you can join me!


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