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Yesterday on May 24th, 2014, a world-wide march took place to protest against the actions of Monsanto and demand labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). I participated in Montreal where around a thousand people joined and marched for this protest.

It was another huge success!  Each month or two, a different country is added to the list of countries that have imposed GMO labeling or banned GMOs altogether. The most recent ones are China, France and Russia, who has instituted a complete ban of GMO production and import. Also, Russia is starting a large-scale research into the bad effects of GMOs and potentially will be declaring the production of GMOs a criminal activity (although this has not happened yet).

Read about it here:

Monsanto is one of the first manufacturers of pesticides (Round up) which have been found to be carcinogenic:

This strong pesticide was not only killing bugs, but the actual produce, so Monsanto ingeniously increased its profits, by genetically modifying crops so that the crops would resist the pesticides, but the bugs would die.  Does it sound like you want to eat this ‘super crop’?  This is the truth – they did not wish to feed the world by increasing crop yield out of the goodness of their heart.  Many underdeveloped countries which they were to feed with this process actually banned the import of GMO crops (as well as many developed countries of course) and it has been shown that the yield was not really increased much anyway.

The government has not allowed proper testing of GMO products prior to acceptance into the industry, so we don’t know the effects.  This is why you will hear people say that we are treated as ‘lab rats’….the experiment is on us.  We do know that there have been a couple of outbreaks of allergies where genes from known allergens were used in other type of crops without people’s knowledge, so people allergic to this specific allergen (one case was with the Brazil nut), did not know they were consuming it and had a reaction (some of them a lethal one).  There is also belief that GMO products are linked to the huge increase in allergies in children, as well cancer and other health issues.  Studies need to be performed however to really know the effects.

And if not that, then at least GMO labeling should be mandatory to give people the choice to consume GMO products. Why does the US government keep rejecting this request?

Monsanto is also ensuring monopoly and spreading GMO throughout our food supply by imposing GMO seeds to farmers and basically bankrupting smaller farms that refuse to abide.  Also, the largest spread crops that are GMO are corn and soy; corn is used to make high-fructose corn syrup which is thought to be linked to health issues and corn and soy products are used in many many packaged products, it is now very hard to avoid them.

The march yesterday was part of a global movement that saw rallies in more than 400 cities and 52 countries around the world.

Media stories are coming out now to cover different cities, here is Toronto’s coverage:

If you are passionate about this issue, I urge you to join the next march and buy organic!

For more information about the march:

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