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Gratitude Bowl

Inspired by many vegan & vegetarian restaurants here in SoCal, one of my new go-to dishes is the gratitude bowl. It is named as such because every time I make it, the ingredients are different; dependent on what I happen … Continue reading

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50 Ways to Stand up to Cancer

The magazine I subscribe to, Whole Living, has a special free digital edition online that I wanted to share with you: 50 things that you can do to help protect yourself from cancer, including some fantastic recipes some of which … Continue reading

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Chia Seeds – So small yet so potent!

Chia seeds come from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, a member of the mint family. The reason I mention the scientific name, Salvia hispanica L, is so you know what to look for when reading ingredient labels. Remember to always … Continue reading

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My Fave Top 10 Anticancer Foods

Did you know that cancer is only about 10% genetic?  Did you notice that more people around you are getting cancer and at a younger age?  This is no coincidence, there are reasons for this. We have changed our diet … Continue reading

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Montreal Health Food Show

I love going to a few good trade shows; wedding ones (when I was getting married), wine shows, occasionally a beer one as well, and mostly food shows or the ones that combine wine, cheese and terrines.   But my absolutely … Continue reading

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Small Victories

Not only is cooking my hobby but learning about what certain foods can do for you and to what extent is just fascinating to me.  Never did I think that we have so much control over our health and pain … Continue reading

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